Car Details:
  • It's had a tough journey...

  • Most original parts included

  • 7hp motor

  • Sporty, 2-seater fun machine!

  • Really COOL yard art!

Build - The One That May Never Be....

Purchased in Okanogan, Washinton (2013); This little two-seater, 7 hp "treasure" was originally in Canada, migrated to Washington and then, as you can see, sat around for a bit.....I'm sure it has some stories it would tell if it could!  Ron found it on "Partyline" and made the mistake of telling me.  By the end of the week, it was ours.  The dreamer in me still hopes to rebuild it, but the realist (Ron) has deemed it yard art.  Regardless, it's still pretty darned cool!  (Thank you Dad & Guy for the "crash" placement....and Leslie for the realistic setting! May 2014)

1935 Austin 7