1968 vW Beetle

Build - From Start to Finish

Purchased in Sitka, Alaska in 2004; This is what happens to a "restored" Bug after Caprice sees a chopped version in the drive-in scene of "The Hollywood Knights" and Ron says, "What's the worst that could happen?"  The bug would never be the same - we took a Sawzall to her the very next day and never looked back. She was chopped, lowered, widened, suicided and fully customized into BABS - the "Bad Ass Bug" - Caprice will never want to drive a "cute" stock Bug again!  (Completed October 2008)

Car Details:
  • 1776 Super Street w/Dual Weber Carbs

  • Chopped 3 1/2"

  • Widened 3" Front / 4 1/2" Back

  • Suicide Doors

  • W-Deck Lid

  • Custom In and Out / Front to Back - One of a Kind!