Car Details:
  • Complete one-off custom car based on a 1938 Chevy Coupe

  • Hand-formed interior and exterior

Build - Started but Not Finished

Purchased near Seattle, Washington in July 2010; Another Craigslist unfinished project find - with a very sad story of a nice young man who got the short end of the stick on a trade deal and had to get rid of it immediately. The "vision" is what moved us, but the actual car was not structurally sound.  Ultimately we ended up purchasing it as a "buck" for a mold to complete our vision.  It made to Sitka via barge and to date Ron has: 1) Shaped the body with sheetrock mud; 2) Coated it in latex house paint; 3) Covered it in fiberglass; and 4) Imploded the original "buck" body and disposed of it...the saga will continue so stay tuned.... (Planned completion: Winter 2016)

1938 Chevy coupe